International Rotary Fellowship of Hunters

Rotary members come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and professions, but they all care about one thing: improving their own communities and helping those who need us most.

Our mission statement

Rotary is a synonym for friendship in action worldwide. We experience this every week during the meeting. We experience this when we are in embarrassment or even need and a friend extends a helping hand.

Rotary is diversity in action. This is true not only for each individual club, but in general. Rotary is represented worldwide: In 166 countries, around 1.2 million people belong to one of the more than 34,000 Rotary Clubs.

We are united by the four-question test. It is: 1. is it true? 2. is it fair for all concerned? 3. will it promote friendship and goodwill? And 4. will it be for the good of all concerned?

Friendship is strengthened by many things, such as shared experiences or interests. And so it is obvious that Rotarians join together under the umbrella of Rotary International, but across clubs, to form so-called fellowships. As the saying goes, "Better safe than sorry". And he is right. A great example of such an association is the International Rotary Fellowship of Hunters.

Hunting Rotarians combines hunting passport on the one hand and Rotarian commitment on the other - and this across clubs and countries. As a hunting Rotarian, you are welcome to join us. You can find out more about the aim of this association of friends on our website.

Drs. Richard L. Den Haan MMI
Fellowship President

Dr. Rolf Roosen
Fellowship Officer

Fellowship membership

Be part of active change. The benefits and opportunities of Fellowship membership are as follows.

  • Access to the login area and thus to an international hunting Rotarian network
  • Possibility of active participation and shaping in the individual countries
  • Possibility to participate in hunting and social events
  • Participation in social and hunting projects
  • All members of Rotary and Rotaract (and their immediate family) who hold a valid hunting card or licence are eligible for membership.
  • Our membership fee for Rotary members is € 100.00/year. For Rotaract members € 50.00/year. The membership fee will be collected by SEPA direct debit after a successful registration.


Founding history

The idea for the Rotarian Hunting Fellowship was born in 2019 by two Rotarians: Richard den Haan (Netherlands; RC Goeree-Overflakkee) and Anton Schrey (Austria, RC Saalfelden).

At the very first meeting on 08.01.2020, the Hubertus Fellowship had already grown to six people. In the photo from left to right: Anton Schrey and Wolfgang Hettegger (both RC Saalfelden), Richard den Haan (RC Goeree-Overflakkee), Elisabeth Pohl (RC Bad Gastein), Christian Schoiber (RC Zell am See) and Andreas Hörtnagl (RC Bad Gastein). The memorable joint meeting took place at the Erlhof Hotel in Thumersbach.

In March Rolf Roosen (RC Koblenz) joined us, in August Eva K. Schrey (RAC Pinzgau) and in September Governor Friedhelm Dold (RC Wels Burg). Due to Corona, the founding meeting was held as an online meeting on 14.11.2020. The official foundation celebration took place with active participation on 11.06.2021 in the hunting lodge Czernin.