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For project ideas or requests for financial support, please send an e-mail to our project officers Hannes Kulp, and Friedhelm Dold, with the project description.
  • Project description, approx. one A4 page long
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  • Information about the contact person
  • Contact the person responsible for the project

The RIHF naturally focusses on projects related to hunting and nature!

All projects at a glance

Tuesday, 05.12.2023

The Fellowship is glad to have the opportunity to support the project - alpine mountain hares in climate change with an amount about 5.000 €. 

The project is accompanied and co-initiated by our rotarian friend Prof. Dr. Hackländer, University of Natural Resources und Life Science, Vienna.

Wednesday, 12.07.2023

BSFZ Obertraun (Obertraun, Österreich)

Thanks to Rotary, 50 young people from Ukraine aged 10 to 15 can spend 11 carefree days in the Salzkammergut. Our fellowship supports with a € 3000 donation.

Scout Camp Austria (Attergau, Österreich)

This year, for the ninth time, the Rotaract KidsCamp Austria is making a vacation possible for 60 children who otherwise cannot afford it. Main topic 2023: Contact with and knowing about nature and its inhabitants

Wednesday, 03.05.2023

Sri Lanka

Rotarian friend Peter Widauer from RC Saalfelden makes it possible to support a great school project in Sri Lanka, which he has supervised and built up himself.

Tuesday, 21.02.2023

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria on February 6th, 2023 claimed many lives, destroyed homes and infrastructure and left two million people homeless. 

The RIHF supports the RC District 1920's appeal for donations with a € 3,000 donation.

Saturday, 11.06.2022

Hospiz Baden

The desire to have one or more children is firmly anchored in the life plan of many people. Unfortunately, however, almost a third of all babies die before, during or shortly after birth.

The RIHF presented the RC Baden with a check for a donation of € 1,000 for the project “Sternkinder”/angel babies.

Sunday, 08.05.2022

In addition to the fighting units, many volunteers in Ukraine contribute to civil defence and homeland security. Equipment is urgently and quickly needed for all these groups.

Project catalogue

Since the founding of the "International Rotary Fellowship of Hunters", numerous projects with a hunting connection have been planned and their implementation started from the very beginning.

On the one hand, there are projects with charitable goals and on the other hand, the hunt, which is dear to us Rotarian hunters, is to be put in the right light. Of course, the international connection of all Rotarians with hunting ambitions and their global networking is above all.

The goals set for charitable or hunting-supporting purposes are, for example:

Supporting families of professional hunters hit hard by strokes of fate. E.G.: Mitigating the effects of the loss of the head of the family (accident, death), financial support of professional hunter families with disabled children, total absence due to illness, etc.).

Preservation of native huntable animals worthy of special protection.

Improvement and preservation of species-appropriate habitats for animals subject to hunting rights such as black grouse, capercaillie and hazel grouse.

Support of the Salzburg hunting community, e.g.: Project "Wild Animals on the Move", "Respect Your Borders", "Marketing of Native Game", the "Hazel Cock Project", "Combating Animal Epidemics", etc.

Cultivating the hunting culture, the Rotarian friendship as well as the high level of hunting justice through regular joint meetings. To this end, high-quality lectures on the one hand and cross-border social hunts on the other are to be organised.

Of course, with the global growth of the Rotarian Hunting Fellowship, international hunting projects in the sense of hunting justice are also planned!