Earthquake Aid Turkey-Syria

RC District Governor 1920 Heinz Rieder: "Shaken by the destruction of unforeseen dimensions caused by the force of nature of the earthquake and the human tragedies it triggered in the border area between Syria and Turkey, our top priority is to provide rapid assistance.
Due to the destroyed houses and infrastructure, the delivery of the well-known shelter boxes with tents and drinking water treatment is an option, so we can offer the survivors safe emergency accommodation, at least temporarily.
For voluntary donations we have the Disaster Fund Account
AT12 3468 0010 0058 7154 - "Earthquake Relief" set up.
Individual donations that reach us with full name and date of birth are tax deductible.
Thank you for your donation!"
The Jagdfellowship decided to follow the call and donated € 3000 to the earthquake aid.

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