Project Angel Babies

Hospiz Baden

“It cannot be taken for granted that pregnancies will go well and that our children will be born healthy. Death is part of life - and it is certain that we will all die sooner or later. But those who have to leave very early, our little angel babies and their parents and relatives, need a lot of love and attention. Even if tears and helplessness overlap this moment, these little souls in their fragile forlornness have a right to find a beautiful place in our hearts and in our society.

This loss leaves deep wounds and great sadness. And yet this grief has little place in public perception and receives little attention. Much to the chagrin of those who were so looking forward to the new family member and now have to say goodbye far too soon. It takes a lot of time for the parents to integrate this sad event into their lives. It takes joint talking and intensive support from a sensitive environment. Early connection to supporting organizations is required in order to be able to support the parents. The individual specialist groups need to be connected. It is important to sensitize the hospitals. There is nothing we can do about the fact that the children are dying, but together we can make the path more accessible to prevent traumatic experiences.”

Baden hospice movement


At the RIHF General Assembly 2022 in Gumpoldskirchen, Dr. Anton Schrey (RC Saalfelden) gave a check for € 1,000 to Mag. Roland Enzersdorfer (President RC Baden) for the Baden hospice. Among other things, it looks after the Angel Babies project and thus the last way for children with cancer.

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