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Sri Lanka

Vidusara … Advance with knowledge
English, Computer course and personal development


VIDUSARA is free for all children aged 11 to 12 (grades 6 and 7). All girls and boys, regardless of ethnicity, religion and origin, are welcome. Lessons take place three times a week for 3 hours.
In addition to their school, VIDUSARA has set itself the task of providing the children with additional training that will offer them better opportunities in later professional life.
Through better knowledge of their own and other cultures, the children should be brought up to mutual understanding, respect and tolerance.

Educational goals:

A good knowledge of English improves the chances of communicating both in one's own country and internationally and thus being able to come through better.

In today's digitized world, information technology is omnipresent.
The ability to deal with computers enables access to higher knowledge and improves chances in a future job.

Personal development:
In personal coexistence in one's own environment, in Sri Lanka and worldwide, appreciation, respect and tolerance are necessary in order to be able to meet others confidently on an equal footing.



Contact person: Mahawewa Mahinda Thero

Mobile: 094-472237012 – 094 4714854516 (WhatsApp)

Purana Nagamaha Viharaya
Yodhakandiya, Tissamaharama, Sri Lanka



Supported by

RC Saalfelden

Contakt person: Dipl.-Ing. Peter Widauer
Mobil: +43 664 1313662

Our hunting fellowship supports the project with a donation of € 3000.

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